My First Blog Post!

Wow, can’t believe I’m actually doing this! I never thought I’d have my own blog. I didn’t really think I’d have anything interesting to say. But the cardmaking industry is just so supportive and encouraging, it gave me the courage to, as Nike says, just do it!

This is not an exaggeration, but I haven’t met a single person on my Instagram profile that I have for cardmaking, who was negative or discouraging in any way. I follow a number of people in other industries, and I’ve noticed so many negative comments on their posts, it amazes me that I’ve never seen it happen on any cardmakers’ posts. I’m so happy to have come across this industry and have made it a hobby!

It’s interesting that I talk about the cardmaking industry being so encouraging and everything, but it took me a year to get this blog started. I actually thought of making my own blog sometime last year (a few months into cardmaking). And I created this WordPress account a few months ago. But it’s been in a hidden state until now.


I’m not sure. Maybe I still have a fear of failure when it comes to either starting my own blog or a YouTube channel. Thoughts like:

  • What if no one comes to visit?
  • What if no one cares about what I have to say?
  • What if someone says something hurtful?

…clouded my mind and judgment. But then I remembered why I started making cards. Apart from how fun it is, what I like about cardmaking is the joy and pleasure it brings to the recipients. I made so many friends on Instagram from all over the world and I’ve sent out some cards to such friends who I’ve never even met in person, or to those I don’t even know. Even donating cards to card drives (not knowing who they’re actually going to) brought me so much happiness that I figured, hey, I’m just going to continue to do my thing. If people read my posts and it brings a smile to their faces, then that’s great! If not, I guess it’ll be a “diary” kind of a thing that I can read when I’m bored or retired or old or something. LOL!

You know, as I’m writing this post, I noticed that “cardmaking” isn’t considered an actual word. It has the squiggly red line below it. We gotta work on getting this word added to the dictionary, man! Cardmaking is a real thing, people! LOL!

Anyway, thank you SO much for visiting and/or following me (on Instagram or over here) and/or just being sweet and caring and encouraging and supportive and totally awesome! 🙂 I love you guys! (And I mean that in a non-gender specific kinda way) 🙂

Author: Stamp All The Things!

Hi there! Thank you for visiting! My name is Sphoorti. I know it's a hard name, so you can call me "Sporty", which is what a lot of people do (LOL). When I was in school, I'd know when the teacher was about to call on my name because he/she would pause and start saying, "I know I'm going to butcher this name...." Haha! I'd change my name to make it easier for everyone, but I love its meaning in my native language, which is "inspiration". I'm originally from South India, but I currently live near Los Angeles, CA and have been in the US for around 15 years (4 of which were when I was a teenager). When I was a teenager, I used to make my own cards. By "cards", I mean pieces of printer paper folded in half with confetti and stickers glued onto them, and sentiments written out with Gelly Roll pens. I'm not sure why I stopped (might have had something to do with my family moving back to India around that time), but in December 2016, I rediscovered the wonderful world of cardmaking and have been in love and hooked ever since! I was drawn to all the card drives that companies / other people have (for example, the Caring Hearts Card Drive (by Vera Yates), and the Altenew Celebrating Parents card drive), and have been spending a lot of my free time mass producing cards for them. Oh, and I just came across a new card drive called Cards for Little Hearts, and it's for the Nationwide Children's Hospital who are looking to send Birthday and Graduation cards to patients and I can't wait to start making cards for them as well. My day job is in Software - I'm a consultant. Not sure how I ended up here either, because my original dream was to become a pilot, but when I took the introductory course, I learned that my feet wouldn't reach the pedals because I'm too short. So, there went that dream! (I'm 5' tall in case you're wondering. :) ) My future goals as far as cardmaking goes include having my own YouTube channel, and also designing my own stamps (for which I'll need to learn new tools such as Adobe Illustrator - you'd think I know how to use this tool already being in the software field, but nope!). I've had a number of good ideas but I'm still looking into how to go about making / selling stamps. Oh, and one my goals was to start my own blog, and it looks like I'm about to reach that goal right now. Yay!

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