Seed Beads, etcetera.

So, I watched the movie, Split, a while ago in the theater. My boyfriend hasn’t seen it yet, so we decided to watch it today. I wouldn’t say this is a spoiler, but one of the characters is a “10 year old” kid who says “Etcetera”. It made me laugh (I guess you’d have to be there, lol) so I thought it would be fitting to call this blog post that. Yeaaah… I’m weird.

Anyway, about the card… I made this in August last year for my cousin. Her favorite color is red. I’d just watched a video tutorial by Nina Marie Trapani in which she showed different ways to use seed beads and that was my inspiration for this card.


How I made the card:

  1. I diecut the balloons from one of the MFT Die-Namics set. I can’t remember which one. But they’re definitely by MFT Stamps. The cardstock I used was Neenah Classic Crest Solar White 80#.
  2. I diecut the balloons out of the card front (also the same cardstock) as well. I used Be Creative tape on the card front after cutting the balloons out the card front. This is so that I could inlay the balloons later.
  3. I colored the balloons in with copics.
  4. Then I inlay the colored balloons into the diecut areas of the card front. Oh, and I used the largest of the Simon Says Stamp Stitched Rectangles dies to cut the card front.
  5. I stamped the strings using the flourishes in the Scripty Sayings stamp set by LawnFawn and the sentiment using a stamp from the Everyday Greetings stamp set by Pretty Pink Posh.
  6. I scattered some Glossy Eggshell pearls from Little Things from Lucy’s Cards

So, as you can see in the pictures, the three balloons have different textures. I used a different technique on each one of them. All three of them have Glossy Accents on them.

The first balloon has the Glossy Accents, topped with Crisp Air Mini Seed Beads by The Ton Stamps. I absolutely love these, they’re tiny and great for this technique. I guess a lot of people love them too, because I always see them out of stock. Effie, if you’re reading this, please restock them because I’ll buy ’em all! 🙂 ❤

Anyway, immediately after putting the Glossy Accents on the balloon, I poured the seed beads so that they’d stick to the balloon. This was one of Nina’s techniques. After it dries, the balloon looks like it has sugar crystals on top, which I absolutely love!

The middle balloon has the Glossy Accents alone – a classic.

The third one was topped with Glossy Accents first, followed by the seed beads. Right after I poured the seed beads, I coated the balloon with another layer of Glossy Accents. This one – I wasn’t as fond of. I felt like it looked diseased, like a rash or something. I checked with the cousin who received this card, and she said it was just me. I was glad to hear it.

So, starting with this blog post, I decided to add a new section. Thought I’d call it “Just another Regret” (Think Dirty Little Secret. LOL!). Seems to me that every card I make – I feel like I could have done something differently or something better. And this section is going to be a list of those regrets. They may not seem like valid faults to you, or maybe you like something that I don’t because we all have our own tastes. But, I figured I’d list them out anyway. Some of them might end up being valuable tips (stuff I learned myself), and if I were to remake the card, I’d use those tips. So here we go.

Just Another Regret:

  1. I should have first put the glossy accents and seed beads on the balloons. I inlay them first onto the card front, and then did the glossy accents. This caused the card front to warp a little. Next time, I’ll put the glossy accents on the die cut balloons, and then attach them to the card once dry.
  2. I shouldn’t have waited till the end to stamp. Always do the stamping first before mounting the card front onto the card base. (Luckily I didn’t make mistakes, but I could have!) LOL
  3. Don’t put glossy accents on top of the seed beads. (This is only if you feel that it looks rash-like to you. haha!)

Hmm, that’s interesting. I could have sworn I had more than 3. Seems like I’m happier with this card than I remembered! 🙂

Whoa! I just scrolled all the way up to the top of this blog post and I realized it’s LONG! Who knew that the length of my blog post is directly proportional to the length of the movie I had playing in the background? Hahaha!

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading this and maybe learned something along the way or at least laughed or smiled at one of my stupid jokes? 🙂 Please do let me know if you have any questions. As always, I would love to hear from you guys! 🙂

Author: Stamp All The Things!

Hi there! Thank you for visiting! My name is Sphoorti. I know it's a hard name, so you can call me "Sporty", which is what a lot of people do (LOL). When I was in school, I'd know when the teacher was about to call on my name because he/she would pause and start saying, "I know I'm going to butcher this name...." Haha! I'd change my name to make it easier for everyone, but I love its meaning in my native language, which is "inspiration". I'm originally from South India, but I currently live near Los Angeles, CA and have been in the US for around 15 years (4 of which were when I was a teenager). When I was a teenager, I used to make my own cards. By "cards", I mean pieces of printer paper folded in half with confetti and stickers glued onto them, and sentiments written out with Gelly Roll pens. I'm not sure why I stopped (might have had something to do with my family moving back to India around that time), but in December 2016, I rediscovered the wonderful world of cardmaking and have been in love and hooked ever since! I was drawn to all the card drives that companies / other people have (for example, the Caring Hearts Card Drive (by Vera Yates), and the Altenew Celebrating Parents card drive), and have been spending a lot of my free time mass producing cards for them. Oh, and I just came across a new card drive called Cards for Little Hearts, and it's for the Nationwide Children's Hospital who are looking to send Birthday and Graduation cards to patients and I can't wait to start making cards for them as well. My day job is in Software - I'm a consultant. Not sure how I ended up here either, because my original dream was to become a pilot, but when I took the introductory course, I learned that my feet wouldn't reach the pedals because I'm too short. So, there went that dream! (I'm 5' tall in case you're wondering. :) ) My future goals as far as cardmaking goes include having my own YouTube channel, and also designing my own stamps (for which I'll need to learn new tools such as Adobe Illustrator - you'd think I know how to use this tool already being in the software field, but nope!). I've had a number of good ideas but I'm still looking into how to go about making / selling stamps. Oh, and one my goals was to start my own blog, and it looks like I'm about to reach that goal right now. Yay!

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